THE PLACE that bring ideas into being


One-stop shop for a solid service end-to-end, Proof of Concept - Prototype - Product. With an in-house laboratory equipped with heavy machines and experts ready to produce from software up to hardware and machines.

The first step is an idea, even drawn on paper, then our multidisciplinary team will produce a version of the idea as a proof of concept, with this version we can find opportunities and move to a prototype which is a version of the product closer to the final product but still not ready to market. Once is fully functional and tested the prototype is now ready to produce, documented, tested and ready to launch.


proof of concept - IMPOSSIBLE IDEAS

Fueled by the hungry for new challenges, we are the right team to convert your impossible ideas into reality. Often people come at us with a question “What if?” “Is it feasible?”, we ended up with a solution.

Like Suzuki - School Zone Radio, where we replaced the FM radio waves with a safety message from the brand to the drivers, remembering them to drive slower near school areas.



We are here to prove you that it is possible, with a prototype to understand its limits and opportunities, in order to evolve into an alpha version ready to test on different real scenarios.

With Carrinho Inteligente Hellmann's, the idea was moved from a proof of concept to a prototype and applied to a real scenario where we could learn how to make it a solid product.

And the MIA Cat, from Whiskas, we used artificial intelligence to interact with the children, asking them questions so they would respond on the right way.



After many iterations, the product was tested and documented, now is ready to market. Years of proven experience delivering solid solutions, give us the knowledge of how to move an idea from the point of start ( THE IDEA ) to a product on the client hands.

Many projects have been tested outdoors, and our biggest proud is to see people with our products hands on sharing and engaging with the brand through that experience.

Ford Caminhões connected deeply with the drivers families through a product, this device sent a visual notification to the family when the driver were arriving home, it served as an emotional link between the brand, the family and the driver.