Interaction: Impressions that last


Changing the urban landscape, allowing brands to share new experiences. From the high tech to the tactile, cutting edge technology to engage in ways other mediums simply cannot match. People are aware of your message by placing unmissable messages in their path, out there, open with visual stimulus.


CONNECT - Sampling

Opens up brands to a new commuter audience that are often young, urban, affluent, and mobile consumers, but thanks to technological advancements and an increasing ownership of smart devices, people can act instantly on advertising messages making the interaction more relevant and meaningful now than it has ever been.

Like Salamitos or Benneton, brands that used the capabilities of new devices to share giveaways and product samples to the people who interacted, connecting the brand and the user.



In clever ways, we can find a way to tailor your message by context or engage with the audience in more dynamic ways, like we did with Santander - Capa de Chuva, where we place a machine on streets, and based on the weather we could deliver raincoats when it was raining. Or MTV - Are you the One, the interaction was designed to take a photo of you and a friend and based on image recognition tell if both of you were a feasible couple.



Through new ways to connect with the people, brands can give consumers product suggestions close to the point-of-sale.

McDonald's prove it with McCafé um por nossa conta, by using a OOH, allowed people to interact with the ad and convert those users into real buyers, people just filled the system with his data and got a coupon, with this coupon they could get a coffee right around the corner in the nearest McCafé.